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Servicing Printers in Calgary and Beyond

At thinqINK Computer Supplies, we provide onsite regular maintenance, cleaning, troubleshooting and repair to various printers and copiers during regular business hours. We also provide free business delivery locally. Delivery is usually within two business days or as soon as the particular product ordered becomes available. Special arrangements could be made for service outside of Calgary.

Ink & Toner Cartridge Recycling

We also dispose of used cartridges and drum units for environmental protection. Our professionals can collect and recycle them for you, such that they would not end up in the landfill. About 85% of used cartridges are thrown into the garbage. That means 300 million cartridges in the landfill every year. The plastic used for many of these cartridges is a very heavy grade plastic that takes 1,000 or more years to degrade. Every cartridge that gets recycled keeps one cartridge out of the landfill. Many cartridges can be reused over and over, multiplying the benefits. For you, it means saving the environment and saving money!

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